Leather work gloves are more famous for the worker when it comes to the safety of hands and fingers during the work at industrial workplaces or as an individual. Several accidents taking place during the labor jobs are severe and can be a cause of losing hands, fingers, and thumbs, so always wear leather working gloves. Improve the work efficiency with working leather gloves and security at the same time. In the construction, industries, and production units there are many modern machines where you have to wear leather gloves for work.

Types of Leather Working Gloves

There are multiple types of working gloves in leather materials such as cowhide, goatskin, buffalo skin, and more for heavy duty work gloves. We offer insulated leather work gloves in a number of designs and all large, medium, and small sizes. Breathable work gloves will keep your hands’ sweat proof and give a comfortable feeling during the hard work. Choose the size as per your hand’s measurements as we provide all sizes of large, medium, and small leather work gloves.

Wide Range of Usability

People belonging to different departments can use our working leather gloves such as plumbers, constructer, mechanics, and auto workers in form of plumber gloves, rench leather gloves, and leather palm work gloves. These are adjustable leather work gloves in brown, yellow, black, white, and other colors for a variety of usages.

Custom Made Facility

Get Wholesale custom made working leather gloves with your own logo, band name, and slogan to build your own line of working gloves as a private label. We can do custom designs, sizes, and logos on request with premium quality leather by WORK GLOVES.

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