The primary purpose of wearing electrician gloves is employee safety from electricity and energized equipment. The electric shock occurs when a person is in direct contact with any conductor and attached to the earth. These gloves are not electric conductors and will not allow the electric power to pass so the user can save themselves from electric shock. More than 4000 persons lose their lives annually due to electricity, so always wear electric gloves for safety.

Multiple Types of Gloves Electrician Lineman

There are several electrical lineman gloves with different types of material used by professionals and non-professionals during the jobs. Electrician gloves insulated are not good electrical conductors, so they prevent the shock from taking place. We offer rubber gloves, latex gloves, and leather anti-shock gloves for electricians to make sure of life protection while you are contacting with the current. You can get these gloves in all sizes: small, medium, large, and X large in black, blue, red, brown, and other colors. Most professionals wear rubber/latex gloves and electric leather gloves to complete the set and safety guidelines.

Wide Range of Usability

These electricians’ gloves prevent shock and can be worn during jobs such as electric wiring, board wiring, heaters, AC installations, mechanics repairing, handling energized equipment, and so on.

Custom Made Facility

We offer custom-made best gloves for an electrician with your logo, brand name, and packaging for bulk orders. Get the wholesale prices for ordering more than 1000 pairs. Now you can create your private label in this line with the coordination of WORK GLOVES.

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