Work Gloves Size & Buying Guide

work gloves guide

Work Gloves Size Guide

We are here to guide you about the size chart of working gloves, so you can buy a perfect sizing gloves for you & your labour at industry, organization and workshop. There are 5 different sizes of gloves which are “Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and XX Large” and have different measurements for each size. 

Here are the measurements of working gloves

  • 【 Small 】- 7 Inches or 18 CM
  • 【 Medium 】- 7.5-8 Inches or 19-20 CM
  • 【 Large 】- 8.5-9 Inches or 21-23 CM
  • 【 X Large 】- 9.5-10 Inches or 24-25 CM
  • 【 XX Large 】- 10.5-11 Inches or 26-30 CM
glove buying guide

Work Gloves Buying Guide

Get all necessary information before purchsing any work gloves and select the type of working gloves on the base of your need and requirements. We are offering the “Leather Work Gloves, Welding Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Gardening Gloves, Woodworking & Electrician Gloves” for your hands safety & protection.

Choose the Best Gloves For Your Hands Based on Occupation.

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