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We passionately believe that wearing safety work gloves are much better than visiting the hospitals.

WORK GLOVES is a leading manufacturer company of an extensive variety of working gloves. We are specialized in all ranges of leather working gloves especially welding gloves, mechanical gloves, gardening gloves, woodworking gloves, and electrician gloves.

We have quickly become a leader in working gloves due to our commitment and dealing with our customers and offering premium quality at the best possible prices.

We are running a successful business because of our products’ durability, exact fitness, high-grade material, and loyal customers.

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Purpose of work gloves

You should have experience if you visit an online gloves store, you will find a small range of work gloves with a limited selection of design and color but that’s not the scenerio here at work gloves. We offer an excellent selection of working gloves for workers belonging to a number of occupations such as mechanic, carpenter, gardener, welder, and so on. You can choose the designs and colors as per your choice.

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Our Mission

The Work Gloves’ mission is to spread the importance of safety gloves and protect people from hand disabilities. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 183,400 hand-related injuries occurred on the job in 2011. A whopping 70% of those victims were not wearing protective gloves. We advise you to keep the safety checkpoints on priority for being healthy and productive at your work. Wearing working gloves is one of the most important protection checkpoints.

For being part of this prime mission, purchase superb quality work gloves from us for your industry’s workers. We can also place your company logo on the gloves for your company branding.

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Absolute Pure Leather/Material

As we offer a wide range of safety gloves to protect your hands with comfortable, great grip and long-lasting features — all the products are made with the absolute best leather, latex, and rubber. We specially choose goatskin, cowhide, and buffalo skin for heavy-duty leather work gloves. By carefully procuring suppliers and assessing the quality of the material before sewing a stitch, we can provide the finest leather without asking for luck.

Quality Control

Product life and reusability depend on the product’s material and the process used to make it. For that, we adopted advanced quality matrics and efficient machines to make the working gloves meet international standards. Our goal is to continue to provide the best quality products and services for all respected customers worldwide.
Here are some basic details of the quality checks we took before shipping the products to our customers.
✅Material Selection ✅Design Patterns ✅Stretch & Hardness Inspection

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FAQs (Ger Your Answers)

Best Quality Working Gloves with Custom Branding At an Affordable Price!

Yes, we do provide custom design and logo printing on gloves. Provide us the design images for your cutom made gloves, we will do exactly same design for cutting pattern and sewing as well. Logo engrawing is also available.

We use the all trusted methods of payment for international buying & purchasin, we offer PayPal, Master & Visa Card, Bank Tranfer, and other. We work on the base of trust & loyality.

We offer the amazing discount on base of order quantity and selected designs. For more than 5000 order quantity we will place your logo free of cast.

Worldwide Shipping

Get door-to-door delivery around the world easily.

Best Quality

We use 100% genuine material for premium quality products.

Best Offers

Get the best-discounted rates on custom orders over 1000 units.

Secure Payments

Your payments are secured and valid for your order completion.

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