Extra Long Welding Gloves


List of TOP FEATURES which a great welding glove must have.

  • We are presenting our extra long welding gloves.
  • Heat Resistant Welding Gloves.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Durable and Multi-Use.
  • Thick and Genuine Leather for Long-Lasting.
  • Protect Your Hands from Heat, Flame, and Ember.

We are going to present premium quality welding gloves to protect your hands while working as a new and professional welder. One of the top products is our extra long welding gloves.  The mission of Work Gloves is to spread the importance of safety gloves and protect people from hand disabilities. Our gloves for welders are made of thick leather and insulated with cotton/foam lining for added heat protection and warmth in cold weather.


Size: Small, Medium, Large, 2 X Large

Material: Genuine Cowhide Leather

Color: White + Grey

Long Sleeves

Collection: Premium Welding Gloves

Welted fingers protect stitching.

All welding gloves are available in all sizes and colors.


Our professional extra long welding gloves are suitable for Tig and Mig welding. You can also use them for arc welding, but some people use them for oven and BBQ as well.


We do offer custom logos, branding, and designs on bulk orders. If you want to build your own brand/private label or just want customized products get in touch with us by, Contact Us Page, Get Quote Button, or WhatsApp. If you want to know which type of customization, we offer you can check to customize the page.


For more information about the size and type of gloves, you must visit our page Work Gloves Guide. If after visiting the page still have any questions in mind get in touch with us by WhatsApp for a quick response.


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